Friday, November 16, 2012

Contra Dancing

Continuing with my project of posting and writing comments on my previously published nonfiction, I added a new essay.  This one, "Circle Square," first appeared in 13th Warrior Review in 2008.  It reflects on a contra dance group that I participated in during college (and a little reflection on junior high school as well) and how that all comments on gender.  Check it out via the tab above...I hope you enjoy it. And if anyone knows of a good contra dance happening in my area, let me know!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trans in Wyoming

I've added another piece to my nonfiction archive... this one's about a summer I spent in Wyoming (or at least the start of that summer).  It was, though the essay doesn't reveal this facet, a truly wonderful three months that I stayed out there.  Again, the essay concerns being transgender and especially wrestling with being closeted, being safe, and also being true to self.  Hope you enjoy... and, in the spirit of previous posts, I dug up this photo of me (later in the summer) in Wyoming.  Note: that is snow behind me, even though the picture was taken late June/early July.  Check out the essay (published originally in Conte in 2008) via the tab above.  Let me know what you think!